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Our Services

  • Stonework
  • Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Machine and operator hire
  • Maintenance


Dry stone is a building method by which structures are constructed from stones without any mortar to bind them together. Dry stone structures are stable because of their unique construction method, which is characterized by the presence of a load-bearing facade of carefully-selected interlocking stones. Dry-stone technology is best known as retaining wall construction, but dry stone fences, buildings, bridges, and other structures also exist

  • Age
    Some dry-stone wall constructions in north-west Europe have been dated back to the Neolithic Age.
  • Tech-
    While the dry-stone technique is generally used for field enclosures, it also was used for buildings.
  • Stones
    There are several methods of constructing dry stone walls, depending on the quantity and type of stones available. Most older walls are constructed from stones and cleared from the fields during preparation for agriculture.


We supply and fix all types of stone for domestic and commercial customers, from design and planning of traditional dry stone walling, ground works and all face works to suit customer requirements. Also work undertaken using customer materials. We undertake large and small projects with same attention to detail.

Our many examples of work provide ample testimony to the skills of our stonemasons, from restoration work and listed buildings to various projects on new builds.



• Traditional Stone Walling
• Repairs To Stone Buildings
• Barn Conversions
• Garden & Drive Walls



• Groundworks

• Patios and Drives

• Garden design




• New build construction

• Renovations

• Project management

• Digger hire



Machine and operator hire

• Digger Hire

• With or without operator

• Skips




• Boundary wall and fencing up keep

• Gardens and estate work

• Clearance